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Absolutes Messystem
Messfunktion Toleranzeingabe
Messfunktion Minimum / Maximum
Schnittstelle USB
Schnittstelle RS232
Schnittstelle Digimatic
Externes Funkmodul möglich
Schutzart IP54
Mobile pneumatic length measuring instrument µDimensionair®II Millimar
Analog display with one line digital display
without calibration with calibration
Article-No.: 2103200 Article-No.: 2103200KAL
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Application Applications with pneumatic measuring equipment requiring mobile measurement and evaluation.
Well thought-out configuration: The interchangeable handle can be mounted on the base of the instrument (pistol grip) or as a regular bar handle flush with the measuring attachment, allowing the measuring equipment to be used on the workpiece in any situation. If large, heavy measuring attachments are used, the handle can also be mounted between the measuring attachment and the display (dumbbell grip), to provide a balanced, ergonomic measuring system. The measuring instrument can also be operated in a static position on a workbench using the optional measuring stand.
Product features
  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Innovative
  • Robust
  • No other pneumatic measuring system is a versatile as the μDimensionair, which can be used as a hand-held device, as a stationary table-top device or even directly on the machine tool. With its IP54 protection rating it is suitable for use in harsh workshop environments. The compressed air flowing out of the measuring equipment removes any contamination from the test piece to ensure reliable measuring results.
  • Directly and clearly readable measuring results.
  • With its fixed ratio and controlled compressed air supply, this sturdy, reliable measuring instrument is ideal for use in manufacturing environments.
  • The μDimensionair II offers:
  • Choice of setup with one standard or with Min/Max standards
  • All other functions of the μMaxμm II digital dial comparator:
  • Dynamic measurement: Min, Max, measuring span
  • Multiplication factor and hold function ("freeze") 
  • Choice of data transfer with serial number
  • MarConnect data output: USB, Opto RS-232C and Digimatic
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