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CNC Workshop measuring microscope MM 420 CNC MarVision
Article-No.: 4247702
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  • Measurement or determination of geometric elements (point, straight line, circle, distance, intersection point, etc.) by automatic edge detection, e.g. on punched and bent components, plastic components, and circuit boards
Product features

Measuring Microscope

  • 3 axis CNC control with servo motor and joystick
  • Axis movement and speed regulation controlled via the joystick
  • Integrated color camera
  • Motorized zoom lens (0,7x - 4,5x) with automatic focus
  • LED ring light: 1 ring and 4 segments, individually switchable and dimmable
  • Dimmable LED transmitted light
  • Laser pointer for position finding
  • Solid granite base
  • Sturdy steel XY table, precision mounted
  • Optical incremental measuring system for outstanding accuracy and reliability

Control and Display Unit with M3 Software and Touchscreen PC

  • 23" touchscreen with keyboard and mouse
  • Windows 10 Pro operating system, additional software can be installed
  • Operation via the multi-touch screen or with a mouse/keyboard
  • Large video screen
  • Reference/actual evaluation with tolerances
  • Record output with company logo
  • Graphic display with dimensioning
  • Automatic edge detection, even on low contrast parts
  • Stitching
  • Statistics
  • Palletizing of serial parts
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