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Schnittstelle RS232
Externes Funkmodul möglich
Schnittstelle USB
Height measuring instrument 817 CLM Digimar
Measuring range up to
600 mm
0.0001 Custom.U1655, 0.0005 Custom.U1655, 0.001 Custom.U1655, 0.005 Custom.U1655, 0.01 Custom.U1655
0.00001 Custom.U912, 0.00005 Custom.U912, 0.0001 Custom.U912, 0.0005 Custom.U912, 0.001 Custom.U912
Error limit
(1,8+L/600) L in mm
without calibration with calibration
Article-No.: 4429011 Article-No.: 4429011KAL
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Measuring system
  • Excellent accuracy and reliabilty due to the optical incremental measurement system with the double reader head
  • Dynamic probing system enabling high repeatability
  • Air bearings system for light and smooth movement
  • Precise measuring head on stainless steel guideways
  • Motorized measuring carriage simplifies measurement runs
  • Probe constant remains after the instrument is switched off
  • Integrated rechargeable battery with a long operating time span for power source independent measurement
  • Temperature compensation with an integrated temperature sensor
Operating and display unit
  • Large and clearly defined function keys
  • Easy to read background lit graphic LCD display
  • Operator guidance with self-explanatory icons / pictograms
  • Operator prompts and menus are available in several languages
  • Possible to set additional zero points on a work piece
  • Additional measurement instruments with Opto RS232 interface can be connected
  • Secure the future due to software update potential
  • Automatic Stand-by switch mode
  • Selectable Auto-off function, without loss of measured values

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