Radial run-out gage with center supports 818 MarStand
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  • Fast and easy radial run-out testing between tips
  • When measuring a shaft between tips, the reference axis for the radial runout measurement is usually identical to the rotational axis during production. A minimal radial run-out deviation can therefore be expected during this test procedure.
Product features Unit composed of:

  • Bench gage
  • Flatness of the surface is in accordance to DIN 876-2
  • Two T-slots for tailstock and / or support arm
  • Support arm 818 XNB
  • Support arm with one joint
  • With fine adjustment
  • Tailstocks
  • Both tailstocks can be relocated (slide into position)
  • The tailstock on the right side has a retractable (spring actuated) precision aligned center
  • The tailstocks have a peak of height of 75 mm with a 90° prism
  • For workpieces without a center, utilizing support arms, the maximum diameter is 20 mm (0.79")
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