Schnittstelle RS232
Externes Funkmodul möglich
Messfunktion Minimum / Maximum
Messfunktion Toleranzeingabe
Height measuring and scribing instrument 814 G Digimar
Measuring range up to
620 mm
0,001 mm, 0,01 mm
0,00005 Custom.U912, 0,0005 Custom.U912
Error limit inches (text)
Error limit µm
30 µm
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Article-No.: 4426543 Article-No.: 4426543KAL
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In den Warenkorb
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Function ON/OFF, RESET (set display to zero), mm/inch, PRESET (for entering a numerical value), MAX/MIN memory for searching the reversal point, TIR (MAX-MIN) for testing flatness and concentricity, TOL (enter tolerance limit values), Selectable resolution, DATA (data transmission)
  • For measuring heights and distances between bores, surfaces and edges
  • For selecting and marking out workpieces
Measuring system
  • High accuracy
  • Incremental inductive measuring system
  • Measuring head with a ball bush guide
  • Resistance free measuring system
Operating and display unit
  • Large, easy to read digital display
  • Measuring and display unit are incorporated in the measuring head
  • Data transmission via Opto RS232 C interface
  • Digital preset
  • Zero setting in any position
  • MAX, MIN and MAX-MIN functions
  • Enter tolerance limit for 1 characteristic
  • Switch between mm/inch
Product features
  • Easy to operate due to the hand crank on the side of the measuring head
  • Constant measuring force; acting upwards or downwards as required
  • Measuring head can be locked in position, ideal for scribing tasks
  • With fine adjustment
  • Power source independent due to being battery operated
  • Universal application due to broad range of accessories
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